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Pruning roses

A couple of my rose bushes have flowered beautifully, but the roses are now on their way out.  The plants have become really leggy and some of the branches are quite thin and straggly.  My question is, can I prune the plants now, although I realize I may not have any more rose flowers this year if I do.  What will happen if I prune lightly now, will the plants die?


  • PianoplayerPianoplayer Posts: 624
    Hi. You can deadhead the rose blooms, either just cutting off the bloom, or cutting back further along the stem to just above a leaf node. The latter is good, as it encourages more growth and blooms (if the rose is a repeating flowerer, rather than single-flowering). You should also feed them again in July. Here's a good video:

    You can then do a `proper` prune in January/Feb to remove weak branches etc.
  • Thank you for your very helpful reply Pianoplayer, I will get outside this afternoon and take those dead heads off just above a leaf node.  I can't remember if they are repeat flowering roses - they are called My Mum or something similar.  There is also black spot on quite a few of the leaves, at least they have flowered and looked great - I think the wind has made them look straggly.  Thanks again.
  • My bush roses have also become very “leggy”.They have grown a sort of trunk,which is thick and dark brown.It has caused the bushes to grow very tall.Can I prune them down to this “trunk” or will this kill them? They are a few years old now,should I dig them out and replace them(which will cost me a small fortune as I have a lot of them?) Any advice will be much appreciated.
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,381
    No it won't kill them.. you can reduce by half now if you want, but in March cut each one down to about 6-8 inches, feed and mulch at the same time..  best wishes.. enjoy your roses.. 
    East Anglia, England
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