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Rosa Le Vesuve

LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124

Does anyone have any experience of this China rose and if so would you recommend it? I don’t have a large garden so every Rose I buy takes the place of another potential one! TIA


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,805
    I'm not sure I'd recommend it...  it will grow larger than stated, about 4 tall by 6 wide in time.. and the reason why I'd be reluctant to recommend is because it's very thorny, big thorns on angular canes that fly out diagonally....  it's a wide spreading bush, that needs careful placing in the garden..

    ..I lost my photos of it and only have 1 left, which is hardly worth posting..  the blooms are beautiful especially in bud, just as they are opening, rather exquisite, blush pink and veined.. they open out to reveal stamens..

  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    Ah, thank you Malorena, I will certainly take your advice on giving this one a miss. Many thanks
  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    Apologies, typo. Marlorena, with your name
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