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Tiny Tropical Haven in London



  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
    Thanks Dovefromabove . Looking up farmyard manure now.

    The work feels much less daunting now you mention to restrict ground prep to actual planting/bedding areas. A timesaving and moneysaving tip there.

    The total 'green' area is about 7 by 5 metres but will be mostly lawn.
    Initial plans below but these keep evolving.

    Even though the garden is narrow, I'm definitely looking to have sufficient boarders to create a full-ish and layered jungle effect.

  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
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    LG_gardens, Thanks for suggesting the Bromley Plant Swap. I'm super excited to check it out and learning how to grow a banana pup  :) 
  • I love your ideas but forget the lawn. Your space is too small - not only will a lawn look odd the amount of work and expense needed to tend it will far outweigh the benefits you'll get from it.
  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
    What do you suggest Chris-P-Bacon ? The idea was to leave a good amount of space somewhat bare for when I have family get -togethers/parties. As an area for guests to overflow into . Typically 30-50 people through the day so not all at once.
  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
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    I'm actually allergic to the typical lawn grass but have been advised that clover is low maintenance , good for allergy sufferers and won't need regular mowing. Apparently it's usually considered a weed... but I quite like the look of them even though I cleared them out in the past.
  • tui34tui34 Posts: 2,727
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    Hi @Nekky  Fabulous project!!  

    If you have a family and you want family get togethers, even just a meal, then I don't think I would reduce the patio.   You'll probably need that space.  Once you get a table for say 4 to extend to ...  and chairs, it could be cramped.   Just a suggestion.

    You may find some stables around you that would like to get rid of their manure.
    A good hoeing is worth two waterings.

  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,063
    I would lose the designated lawn space too, tbh - I hadn't realised how much space you were planning to give over to it. Perhaps allow an area of clover in the middle for party space, but with plants 'bleeding' into it rather more - a bit like Beth Chatto's dry gravel garden, but with a green tropical feel instead. Personally my priority would be to disrupt the view to the end of the garden - not to disguise it altogether but so that you are looking through plants to see it.
    'If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.'
    - Cicero
  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
    Hi tui34,

    Though reducing the patio size, it isn't by too much. The space we typically use is to the right as that gets the most sun. By adding another table to make a 10+ seating area.

  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
    The parts in yellow is what I will loose from reducing the patio. blue highlights original patio area.
  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
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    I'm trying to achieve a smaller version of the attached photos.
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