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Lawn and fertilizer dilemma

ki_buxtki_buxt Son, NorwayPosts: 52
I have filed this under "Garden design" as the lawn in our garden is a centrepoint for the surrounding beds and that may explain why I am interested in getting it as green as possible. I have only fertilized once this year with an organic fertilizer that didn't contain nitrogen. After a freezing winter with little snowcover, May was exceptionally dry and I didn't manage to fertilize until just over two weeks ago when we finally got rain.

The dilemma is .... the lawn has an exceptional amount of clover this year and is a very light green. I have a bag of fertilizer ready with 12% nitrogen as I read that this may well control the clover and give the lawn a good feed resulting in a better colour. Rain is forecast tonight - somewhere between 10mm and 15mm if the forecast is reliable. But we got a heavy shower last night which wasn't forecast and today is cloudy and 14 degrees, so the lawn is currently wet. The instructions on the fertilizer state it should be spread on a dry lawn. I don't want to burn the grass, but my logic tells me that if I wait until the rain is almost upon us and fertilize just beforehand the fact that the grass is already wet won't lead to the grass burning. Or am I wrong?? I would hate to do any damage now. As they say it takes a lifetime to create a good lawn but it can be ruined in minutes. I want to avoid the latter. Advice? After this rainfall the next forecast for the next 10 days is not predicting any rain at all.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391
    If you spread the fertilizer now and use a sprinkler straight away, that will wash-off any granules which fell onto wet grass leaves (which is where any damage might occur.)
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