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What tree?

owd potterowd potter Posts: 889
Appreciate an ID on this tree.
It is quite close to the house so am wondering how much bigger it may get and what needs be done about it.
Just another day at the plant...


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    Is it evergreen? Have you ever seen any flowers in the summer? It looks a bit like a Horheria Sexstylosa shrub/tree and if so, they can grow to a mature height of 8 metres. 
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 889
    Thanks for your response @Borderline
    I've not noticed summer flowers but as it's my daughter's garden that doesn't exclude the possibility and so it may well do.
    It is not something that has been planted, it is a self seeded tree that has escaped their notice and is less than 10 years old as it was not there when they moved in.
    It is therefore not a 'special' tree.
    I'm concerned it's close to the house (probably about 3m or so) and it's already 6m tall.
    Just another day at the plant...
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    Interesting comments. Would need to see the undersides of the leaves. The other tree I thought of was a Holm Oak. The leaves tend to be quite stiff. 
  • ErgatesErgates Posts: 2,073
    Could it be a goat willow?
  • This is beautiful. Nothing wrong with this tree.
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 889
    @Borderline, i'll get and post add'l photos of leaves. It is certainly not evergreen, I recall commenting on it earlier in the year when leafless.
    @Ergates, this was my first thought, but leaves look wrong shape for that?
    @depoksharma07, yeah, maybe if it was 10m further away 
    Just another day at the plant...
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