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Is this Gertrude Jekyll? The colour is disappointing.

pippippippip Posts: 26

Is this really Gertrude Jekyll?  The colour is so disappointing.

I ordered it from DA as a bareroot in 2020 and planted it out late winter/early spring 2020. I was really disappointed with the colour when it flowered a few months later - I thought it couldn’t be Gertrude Jekyll.

I’ve never knowingly seen a Gertrude Jekyll in the flesh, even so the colour of mine looks nothing like online or catalogue images, even accounting for colours translating differently on different monitors.  GJ looks a deeper, saturated pink, while mine’s a pale Barbie / bubble gum pink. Ugh!

I meant to contact DA that year about it but I forgot to take photos of the blooms in time.


I posted earlier for advice as I moved the rose (a climber) and it then sulked very badly

Since then it’s put on growth and buds - though recently some of the newer leaves look a bit anaemic - may be down chlorosis or me over-watering.

And these stems and leaves taken last year:

Colour comparison with a neighbour's DA rose:


  • debs64debs64 Posts: 4,903
    That’s not Gertrude, I like the colour but Gertrude is much deeper pink. How is the scent? Gertrude smells amazing!! 
  • pippippippip Posts: 26
    edited June 2021
    Oh yes, the scent of this rose is amazing!   But as you say - it isn't Gertrude. Glad I'm not going mad.
    I'll contact DA.
  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,311
    Not GJ - not only the colour is wrong, but the shape of the bloom too and the rest of the rose (foliage, stems) also doesn't look like GJ.
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