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Dieing minni roses

i had bought three minni roses. I planted them all in the ground. I watered them all the same, they are all in a row. Then i noticed ones leaves were all crispy, green but crispy. Then it lost all its leaves, and one stem was all brown looking. So i dug that one up. They had been planted like three weeks. I put the sick one in a pot and set in shade. Now all the stems are brown, no green.
So i think this one is dead?
Now i see another one is starting to look the same as the dead one. Leaves are getting crispy. The other one is putting out new growth from the base. But has some brown on the pleaves now too. 
So did am i over watering? Its been in upper 90’s most of the month here. Is it too much sun? They get afternoon sun from like 2-5pm.
here are photos of the ones that are still alive. I need advice here.


  • AthelasAthelas Posts: 701
    Welcome to the forum!

    What name did the roses have on the label, or do you know what variety they are? I’m guessing you’re in the US — which state are you in, and do you know if you have clay, sandy, etc. soil?

    Most roses need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day, so perhaps rethink where they are planted (also avoiding putting them near other plants that may compete for sunlight, moisture and nutrients). In terms of watering, push your finger in a couple of inches — only water if it feels dry.

    Also I would pull all that bark away from the stems of the rose and leave a small circular area clear. Wet bark mulch against plant stems can make them susceptible to rot.

    Hopefully one of the rose experts will be around with more advice.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,762
    Hi there and welcome.

    Miniature roses are really best grown in pots. Some are more vigorous and do get taller, so may be suitable for planting at the front of a border, but still best to grow them on for a year in a larger pot than the one they came in, until they have developed a good root system and better able to cope in the ground. It would indeed be helpful to know their names to advise you better.

    Some roses can take less sun than others and whilst a minimum of 6 hours is usually recommended, as Altheas says, it does depend where you are in the world and the strength of your sun!

    Some minis are actually a bunch of root cuttings in a pot, designed as gifts, sometimes described as ‘indoor roses’ and often with no names - if they are this type, they can survive in a larger pot outdoors, but never seem to thrive long-term.

    Whatever they are, they are struggling there being young and swamped by all that coarse wood mulch, which will be doing no good at all, so I agree, at the very least remove that mulch and leave a clear circle of soil, which you can mulch again with ordinary compost after a good watering.
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