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Apple scab

I invested in a lovely malus floribunda tree in December 2019. It developed what I suspected to be scab and lost quite a lot of its leaves in august 2020. This year i don’t think it is as bad but I have managed to get it confirmed as scab From the people I purchased it from. They have told me to clean up the leaves in winter and to spray the tree with a fungicide. I bought the tree to be pretty but my main thing was being good for wildlife. I don’t think spraying it every year would fit this purpose! I am thinking of removing the tree...but does anyone know 
1. Is the fungus responsible found in the environment or will it have come from this tree I.e. are my other established apple and hawthorn trees going to succumb (they seem fine right now) if I keep the tree? 
2. Is malus floribunda actually scab resistant as I can’t get this answer from the nursery and I get mixed information from the net - obviously it has scab but maybe got it due to transplant shock and my own failure to water well enough in the very hot spring of 2020? If I persevere will it become resistant as it get healthier and more established? 
3. what organic product that is not harmful to wildlife would anyone recommend re treating it or is it pointless? 
Many thanks! 

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