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Grubs (maybe moth) on my viola?

I've just lifted up my viola to add a support and found a grub on one of the leaves. Other than aphids and slugs/snails I'm mostly trying to let nature be in my small urban garden... But because my raised bed is new this year I don't want anything to take hold before it becomes established! 
So wondering if this grub is a sign of bad news? Or if it's ok to leave it have a bit of a munch? 


  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 8,639
    I'm tempted to say that's a hoverfly larvae but it's not easy to tell for sure. There doesn't seem to be any leaf damage so that backs up my thoughts. They eat aphids and the adults are polinators so welcome in all forms in the garden.
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  • j.haughj.haugh Posts: 5
    I've just looked it up! Yes! It does look like that! And I do have a good few hoverflies around! So I'm delighted they've decided to make a home here! 
    Thank you!! I'm so glad I didn't pick it off now! 
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