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Please help my laurels!

We had some cherry laurels planted in April by a professional. We followed the watering advice to the letter however they are really struggling to establish. The leaves are all turning yellow and dropping off. At least 4 plants now look completely dead. We are at a loss with what’s wrong with them. 

We live in a new build so the soil is very poor quality (I think this may be the problem) it is also a thick clay soil. 

I’ve added some pictures of the leaves. Please help!   


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,047
    Everything you need to know about laurels is here:

    They need lots of water to establish - especially if you had the dry spring many people had. Clay soil is perfectly fine for them, unless the border wasn't well prepped and they were just stuck in.  In new builds, the problems are often lower down in the soil, with builders' rubble etc, and compacted ground, which then creates a problem with drainage.
    It's not easy to see the condition of them properly from the photos, because they're all close ups, but all evergreens drop foliage anyway, especially if there's a bit of stress.
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