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Hi, I am after some advise on a feature tree for our garden. We have a spot for a tree in the middle of our garden. It gets a lot of sun. I wanted to avoid anything getting too big as it does effect the sun on the patio in the late evening if it gets above 4m. 

I really like the idea of having mushroom shaped trees as the spot is in a large raised bed with a bench underneath, and ok with pruning every so often.

Currently I am drawn to a paper bark acer but after any advise on alternatives.

Thanks in advance



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,135
    Ornamental pears are nice - Pyrus salicifolia, Amelanchiers and some of the smaller ornamental cherries [Prunus] too, but in a raised bed, there will be sharper drainage, so you need to have a good loam based medium for any tree to establish and thrive. 
    Those Acers will get a lot bigger than 4 metres, albeit quite slowly.  :)
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  • SolomonicSolomonic Posts: 6
    How about Stags Horn Sumach? Attractive foliage, stunning autumn colour, dome shape and doesn't get too big. 
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