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Wrigs21Wrigs21 Posts: 171
Afternoon all 

So on my second year with the top part of my garden and has been a bit of a live and learn. I’ve gone for a prairie style, I guess you could call it, style of planting which looked great last year but my Gaura ‘Whirrling butterflies’ have struggled in the second year. They are interplanted with Calamagrostis Brachytricha, which have really pushed on, and verbena. I may have chopped back a little hard but whilst a few look like might be on their way back some others have definitely gone sadly. I have heard that they can be temperamental so should I replace with different plants or try again? If different any suggestions on similar height plants either white or orange, conscious it may now be too late this year. It’s south west facing so does get a lot of sun but can be open to the elements so needs to withstand a touch of wind. 

I’ve also gone for a drift style planting in the lower part of the garden which gets lots of sun but more sheltered so less wind. It is however on a steep slope with poor clay soil so not all of my recent additions are loving life as dry with the Veronicastrum wilting in the full sunlight. Not sure much I can do about this moving forward so thoughts on either installing a irrigation system or alternatively just replace next year with more suitable plants? (The agastache, echinops, monarda amongst some others touch would all seem to be going okay so far)

Thanks in advance :)
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