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Rose variety advice, please

LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
Hello everyone!

Can I get som advice, please, from you who know your roses far better than me! 

I need a rose for the middle of a new flower bed which I'm planting up with mainly pink roses. I want one that fits in with the colour scheme of pink, blue, bit of white. About 4 - 5 foot in height, long flowering period, as fragrant as possible. And the ‘old fashioned’ look. And disease resistance would be good (there! All I want is the perfect rose! ) . (I will compromise!). It will face south, south- west and is quite an open aspect, so plenty of sun. I was thinking of St Ethelburga, but am overwhelmed by the choices of roses! So your experience would be very much appreciated. I’m underplanting with typical cottage-y garden plants, salvias, cranesbill, verbena, etc, all in blues, pinks, bit of white
thank you! 🌹


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,448
    I suspect you will be bombarded with suggestions,  but mine would be the David Austin rose "Eustacia Vye". I have it in bloom at the moment, around 4 feet high and surrounded by cranesbills and salvias. I will see if l can find a photo later on  :)
    Like all David Austin roses it's not cheap but l've found it floriferous and healthy. 
  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    Thank you, AnniD. Funnily enough, I’ve just been on the DA website looking at EV! I was also interested in Gabriel Oak from DA. And I’ve just seen Sandringham from Peter Beales. Ooh, a photo of yours would be great, thank you! Xx
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,448
    I have just been out and taken a couple of photos to give you some idea.
    It's a bit tricky to get to as the patio is like a building site, and typically the cranesbill hasn't yet come into flower, but hopefully you can make out the dark red flowers of the shrubby salvia that's just started to flower. Eustacia also needs deadheading but I hope this helps  :)

  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,332
    What about 'Scepter'd Isle' or 'Ancient Mariner'? They are both on the taller side so don't disappear in the border.
    'Sandringham' is extremely fragrant, not disease-resistant for me but the fragrance makes it worth growing. I can't advise about its habit, I have it in a too shady spot trying to grow it as a short climber but I'll have to move it elsewhere, I think.
    'Gabriel Oak' is very bright pink and can be both warm pink (middle of the bloom) and cold pink (edges) at the same time. It looks awesome with blue. I am not sure if it wants to grow over 4ft.
  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    AnniD, Thank you so much for the photos! You have made that bed so pretty! That is exactly how I want mine to look. EV is a beautiful rose, no doubt about it. Thank you very much xxx
  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    Hi Edhelka

    Those are great suggestions, thank you. Scepter’d Isle is another one on my list, as is GO. I had a look on Right Roses website re reviews for those a while back and yes, especially GO as a slightly darker pink would be excellent. All those mentioned are ones that I definitely want to buy anyway. DA’s Eustacia Vye is also definitely on my shopping list. 

    I think the darker pinks would go well as well as the others I’ve bought are paler.

    Ha, I wish I could find somewhere selling good quality cottage garden plants! I’m ordering all over the place and it’s costing a small fortune!

    thank you so much for your kindness. X

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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,448
    Thank you for the compliment 😊.
    A good place for cottage garden plants is Hardy's
    They are not cheap but the quality is excellent. For shrubby salvias try Norfolk Herbs.
  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    AnniD, thanks for the links. Hardy’s have fabulous plants and as the plants are bigger I think that they seem not a bad price. Looking, some could be split, making them even better value! Thank you! 
    Somewhere you might like to look at is Golden Valley Plants. They supply major garden centres. They sell online at reduced prices if they are overstocked on plants. They are near to me and in the past their plants have been excellent quality. It’s the outlet for Allensmore Trade Nursery. They don’t have a huge selection and are very seasonal, but sometimes it’s worth dipping in to see what they’ve got.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,448
    Thanks Lesley, l will take a look  :)
  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    Thank you, AnniD and Edhelka for replying (so much for being inundated with replies, AnniD!).  I found a DA that seems perfect- Royal Jubilee, so that is probably the one. It’s a darker pink, which is perfect and looks like an all round perfect rose. Lesley
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