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Robert.hRobert.h Posts: 14
Why are my pelargoniums tiny? The are, otherwise healthy and are producing flowers.


  • pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,362
    What varieties are you growing? There are some dwarf and miniature varieties as well as the standard ones.
  • Robert.hRobert.h Posts: 14
    These are standard ones. I received them as plugs from a G.W. offer, and transferred them to 3” degradable  pots, watered them as normal and they are still less than 2” high. Even the ones I have planted out.
    Bob Humble
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,462
    Were the roots in those 'teabag' things?
    If they were I would have a look. The wraps are supposed to bio-degrade but if they do it is very slowly and many plant roots are unable to penetrate them properly. Even if they do manage it, they often don''t grow as well as they would without it.
    I had some begonias that were just about coasting, nothing like they should have been and I lifted them and just cut down the sides of the 'teabag' so the roots could escape, without damaging them further by pulling it off. Replanted them and they have raced away. :)
    I grew some pelargoniums this year from home grown seed and they are already nice sized little plants, larger than ones I saw on sale for bedding the other day.
  • Robert.hRobert.h Posts: 14
    Thanks everyone for your reply’s I will stick with the plants as they are healthy and still look pretty as “dwarf ones
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