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could anyone please help identify what this tree is please, for my mother-in-law?

Friends have suggested Eucalyptus but we’re unsure.

Many thanks in advance.


  • brackenbracken Posts: 91
    I'd say Eucalyptus.
  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 3,488
    edited June 2021
    Hi there, yes, it's definitely Eucalyptus.  I have three, one of which is a bit temperamental - it needs constant watering when it gets hot!  The others are almost maintenance free.  Your mother-in-law's tree looks as if it would benefit from an organic feed such as blood fish and bone, plus a drenching of the leaves with seaweed extract, and lots of water!  There's some very good plant care information on this site:
    Buy Eucalyptus Tree UK | Hardy Eucalyptus Grafton Nursery (
    Hope this helps.
    Wirral. Sandy, free draining soil.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,583
    Its a bit late for this year, but next March I would prune it down quite hard. Then give it a feed and water it well and you will get lots of nice juvenile foliage.
  • AgentJRAgentJR Posts: 11
    Thank you everyone - some really helpful advice that is really appreciated and which I have passed on!
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