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Weeping cherry leaves are turning brown from the outside in

We bought and planted a Prunus Snowshowers earlier this year.  It seemed to be thriving and produced many new leaves.  However, over the last couple of weeks, the leaves have started turning brown - noticeably from the outside in.  Much advice on the web seems to focus on Cherry Leaf Spot.  If that were the case would the leaves turn brown from the stem outwards?  We are hoping it is 'only' leaf scorch but would like more advice.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I agree it is more likely leaf scorch of erratic weather damage. Does not look like leaf spots. Cold or windy weather followed by very warm day time temperatures. Other things to keep an eye on is the watering. Newly planted trees/shrubs need plenty of water especially in the summer months, so be sure to keep the tree watered well at least once a week throughout summer, and increasing to twice a week in current weather conditions. 
  • Thank you for your reassurance.  We bought a ton of blended topsoil to make the bed that the tree has been planted in.  To our surprise, when we first watered the tree, the water ran off of the surface of the soil, leaving it still dusty!  It was as though it had been coated with a waterproofing agent!  We had never seen this before so we have been quite particular about the watering - however, perhaps it still wasn't making it through to the roots.  We have now dug that blended topsoil away and replaced it with straightforward compost.
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