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What on earth is happening to my Cherry tree?

We planted this last August so obviously didn’t expect a thing. This year there was growth and we got excited as flowering happened and subsequent fruit. But now it all seems to be slipping away from us. Any ideas please. It gets watered weekly and every other week is tomato rite, there is an irrigation tube.


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    It's most likely erratic weather damage, and sometimes, not much you can do. Being a young tree, the key to keeping it well is consistent watering. I would water twice a week based on weather we've had the last week or so. Generous watering of around 3-4 bucketful poured slowly into the root area.

    Also ensure no grass or weeds are competing with it around the base. Laying mulch will also help to keep the roots cool in summer, and warm over the winter. 
  • that type of effect has moved to my damson ,nectarine and peach tree, just have to put up with it ,fruit tastes ok so far 
  • Thanks, twice a week it is then.
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