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Can anyone identify this tree please?

Wild_VioletWild_Violet ScotlandPosts: 123
Hi, this young tree has sprung up in a shady spot in my garden.  It’s around 2m high and hasn’t produced any flowers and fruit as far is I’m aware. I’m figuring I need to move it but would love to know what it is. Thanks 🥀🌿😊  


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,150
    Looks like a wild cherry. I would dig it out. They rapidly grow to 35 feet high, and won't produce the often inedible fruit for years.
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  • Wild_VioletWild_Violet ScotlandPosts: 123
    Thank you @fidgetbones
    I had looked up a tree identifier app and thought it might be some kind of cherry.  It’s near my house so I will definitely be digging it out and relocating. Thanks again 😊
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