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Wild flower patch

Last July I sowed a perennial wild flower patch in a circle approx 20 ft in diameter in a damp area at the bottom of the garden, using seeds specifically for wet, heavy ground.  The grass romped away, growing several inches and I left it like that, unsure about cutting it back when it had been planted late in the season.  This year, it has continued to grow enthusiastically and the grasses are currently about three ft high and are beginning to fall about.  Unfortunately, this means the few flowers are somewhat dwarfed.  I realise it's still quite early in the season but I am seeing buttercups, ragged robin and a few daisy-type flowers which are still in bud and there may be more to come.  At what stage should I cut the grasses back?  I had expected to wait until late summer when the flowers had seeded themselves but wonder if I should do it earlier.


  • JellyfireJellyfire Posts: 1,139
    The best bet would have been to cut it back to the ground last autumn really, or give it an early spring cut this year. Given that ship has sailed I would bite the Bullet and cut it now, you’ll lose flowers now but should get a better result for the rest of the summer. 

    Then the key is a regular routine of either one late summer cut, or a spring and summer cut. If you are on damp fertile ground you may find the grasses romp away so two cuts would be best.

    The most important thing is to make sure you remove all the clippings. The less fertile the ground becomes the more the flowers will flourish, and the less the grass will dominate 
  • CazzieTCazzieT Posts: 69
    Thanks.  The ground is waterlogged during the winter and drier in the summer (until it rains when it becomes boggy again) and has not been cultivated previously so I don't think it will be very fertile.  But I'll trim it this week, remove the clippings and hope for the best!
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