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Shrub/Tree ID

CraighBCraighB Posts: 745
Hi guys,

I have a few more plant/shrub/tree ID's needed if possible :) there will be a second post with more too :)

Thanks guys..

The first is this shrub with little green berries...

The next I think might be a tree... It has a greyish bark...

The next is definately a tree with some kind of little fruits on it but lots of the leaves are twisted and crumpled...


  • sjb_csjb_c Posts: 41
    Not sure about the others but the first pic pretty sure are unripe blackcurrants
  • CraighBCraighB Posts: 745
    @sjb_c I think you could be right. I checked with google the leaves are identical :) you guys are very good at this!

    I think the last photo now might be a plum tree and it has shrivelled leaves apparently caused by aphids.

    I have to say whoever lived in this house before me has planted some lovely things and it's so lovely to inherit them especially as they are quite established! The only problem is when I come to redesign the garden I am going to have to move a lot of them!

    This is the garden how it looks now and what it looked like when we moved in in winter... It goes back about the same distance after the greenhouse also...

  • Is the second plant a type of willow?
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