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Type of plant?

k-eatonk-eaton Posts: 33
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Hi all, I inherited some plants from a previous tenant when I moved into my apartment and have no idea what they are. I'm hoping you guys can help ID them please.

I was actually considering getting rid of this one to make room for something nicer but it's now getting some cool flowers.

This next one I think may be a jade plant, it looks like the google pix. If it is, can I turn it into a bonsai? Some websites make it seem like any jade plant can be and others have specified mini jade so I'm a little confused. I have a shallow pot with succulents and I'd love to add this to that if it can be made into a bonsai.


    What do you mean by a bonsai ?
  • EustaceEustace Posts: 282
    First photo looks like a kalanchoe lucky/magic bells plant. 
  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 325
    I'd agree with Kalanchoe  as per @Eustace - not sure of the variety as there are quite a few but they can grow quite large.  
    As for the Jade/Money plant, given the right conditions it is usually quite a fast growing plant - it can reach a couple of feet in height without too much trouble. They can be used as a hedge in warmer climates.
    I wouldn't think it was suitable for a Bonsai as such unless by that term you simply mean keeping it short and fat. You can do that but obviously you would still need to pinch out and repot at regular intervals 
    Bonsai really involves top and root pruning, shaping and training and is more a reference to trees and shrubs rather than succulents.
  • k-eatonk-eaton Posts: 33
    ERICS MUM said:
    What do you mean by a bonsai ?
    Like this:

  • k-eatonk-eaton Posts: 33
    @Eustace and @philippasmith2 thanks! 

    Ah ok. I was googleing jade plants to learn more about them (to dicide what size pot to put it in) and saw a few websites talking about them as bonsai and some selling as such like above photo I just posted. But I wasn't sure if I could do that with the one I had or if it needed to be a mini jade like some sites said. 
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