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Anyone ID these please?

yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782
Found a few of these in pots from last year.  Can't remember anything about them.   Have planted them around the garden now in various spots because I like their look.  At first I wondered if they had been chives left too long - or if they are some kind of grass.  They are currently just over a foot tall.  Does anyone know?  Thank you.


  • micearguersmicearguers Posts: 614
    It reminds me of Soft Rush (Juncus Effusus).
  • sjb_csjb_c Posts: 41
    Agree, common rush
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,145
    If you let them self seed you'll have an invasion.
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  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782
    micearguers and sjb_c - thanks so much for that.   Haven't a clue how I came to have them but from now looking up Juncus Effusus - whilst they seem to be doing ok where they are right now, I'll certainly have to move them in the autumn to more suitable spots where they will have room to clump up.

    Really appreciate your responses.  Many thanks.
  • micearguersmicearguers Posts: 614
    @yarrow2 if it is thriving it must be in a very wet place, suitable for creating a lovely bog garden (unless it's purely a result of watering). Is that what you have?
  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782
    edited June 2021
    micearguers:  because I didn't know what they were, the two in the photo are actually in a dry-ish patch where three weeks ago the only thing there was an 8ft golden cypress which I subsequently dug out and disposed of.  These two Juncus Effusis are actually temporarily sited behind a couple of Verbena bonariensis mature seedlings and three old lavenders transplated from a pot which are growing nicely there and two divisions of helenium which are temporarily there until I've found the right space for them.  So they are currently sitting in very well drained soil in full sun - but soil which has a fair number of small stones in which seem to be giving good drainage to the old lavenders.

    Now that I know these are Juncus Effusis, seems that it must be the occasional watering (not a lot by any means) which has kept them happy to now.  However, there are another couple which I temporarily sited in more naturally moisture retaining beds (but nothing near a boggy environment) - but they are still as they were when I put them there and have produced none of the little flowery bits which the two in the relatively dry spot have.

    My soil is clay but which is constantly improved with organic matter and I find which plants thrive where often goes against the grain of accepted 'conditions' cited for various plants.  It's a bit of a contrary garden I suppose!  Nothing ever behaves as it is 'supposed to' and it's all a bit live and let live if it looks happy and comes up in subsequent years environment.   I think I just have a bonkers micro-climate or something :) and I suspect some plants which take pity on me sometimes!

  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782
    Thanks Obelixx for the invasion warning.   I will monitor as time goes on.
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