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Cordless garden tools - current product recommendations

A lot of threads on cordless tools date from several years ago so I thought I'd use my newbie status to get away with another thread on them. Sorry!

Is it possible to get one brand and have good kit throughout? What brands?

We're specifically looking for cordless strimmers and hedge trimmers. We're thinking Bosch. On the basis of high numbers usually better I thought the 36V range is better than the 18V range. However 36V Bosch is brushed motors. I thought brush less is better which is what the 18V one is. Does that mean that the 18V is probably as good or better than the 36V range?

I've read that Bosch have good blades on hedge trimmers which make them better than other brands even with higher power models. True or not?

We're looking to buy hedge trimmer and strimmer in one hit. The idea is same brand to get one with battery and one without as we'll only be using one at a time. Buying same brand and rating seem to make sense to us. Ultimately tying into one brand that's good across the board. We only need these for now. Our lawn is close to outdoors power socket and we have 3 lawnmowers already. We don't need a chainsaw or anything yet. Might get a reciprocating saw later, will they take the same battery? Can't think we'll need more than the trimmer and strimmer.

So what is the current thinking on this? What brands, battery system, battery rating. Etc.


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    I don't have any cordless tools, but I often find good advice on Fred's site if you don't get any recommendations here.
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    I can highly recommend the ego battery multi-tool - hedge trimmer, strimmer, brush cutter blade. There are various combinations available, you can buy the one tool, say the strimmer, plus battery, then add the hedge trimmer accessory to click onto the main unit supplied with the strimmer. I have both a 2ah battery to use with a simple shoulder strap for quick jobs and a 5ah battery used with the battery backpack for heavy/lengthy sessions. The 2ah is perfectly good though and in retrospect 2 x 2ah would have been more than adequate. It’s always useful to have a spare in case you run out of juice just as you are nearing the end of the hedge! The rapid charger recharges fast, battery life is excellent and a fully recharged battery holds it’s charge for weeks, handy if you are an occasional user.

    However, it is pretty expensive kit and unless you have a large garden/plot and lots of hedges it may be overkill for your needs.

    Also, the best recommendation is the one you make to yourself by trying them out for size, length, balance, feel, etc., as there is certainly not one size fits all. Even if you are just waving them around in the shop - ideally with a battery unit slotted in as this changes the whole weight/balance thing - this will give you a good idea whether you are suited to each other 😊 
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  • All our cordless tools are Bosch - mower, strimmer, hedge cutter, leaf blower and pump (for using a hose off the water butt). OH is very pleased with all of them, feel and battery life. We’ve had the mower for 5 1/2 years, probably slightly less for the strimmer and cutter. The pump is a recent purchase but very pleased with it so far
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