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What is this shrub that the bees love, please? I am coveting it!

Sorry in advance if the photos don’t load; I only just joined to post and ask this!

it’s a shrub about 6 foot tall, and bushy, in a neighbour’s garden. I really want to get one,as it obviously grows well in South London clay, and the bees and bumble bees were going crazy for it last year.

Sadly, the lady who owns it can’t remember what it is, only that she bought it from Aldi or Lidl, apparently - so I’m hoping that means it’s not too rare!

My hand for scale, btw.  :) Thanks for any answers.


  • AthelasAthelas Posts: 701
    Looks like Escallonia Apple Blossom 
  • frisbyratfrisbyrat Posts: 4
    Athelas said:
    Looks like Escallonia Apple Blossom 
    Thanks - I think you might be right.  :)
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