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LeNotre Stabilise mixture

Andre LeNotre, garden architect to Louis XIV, along with many aristocrats in seventeenth century France, developed a paving mixture called Stabilise. Stabilise is a pea gravel, sand and whitewash mixture that yields that great paving that is in the formal garden walkways at Versailles and throughout all of France.

The question is: what are the proper proportions of pea gravel, sand and whitewash that need to be combined to create the exact same spec as Versailles? Should the pea gravel be whitewashed first or does whitewash just get mixed into the whole pea gravel and sand mixture? Thanks!


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    'Whitewash' is/was made from either slaked lime (Calcium Hydroxide) or chalk (Calcium Carbonate) mixed with water, so you could use either of those instead of the cement mentioned in the above recipe, if you want to stay closer to the original mix used back then.  Slaked lime is used to make lime mortar, so would produce a more solid path.  Using chalk may mean it would need compacting after laying if you want a hard wearing surface.
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