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Are these ready?

MontysGalMontysGal Posts: 70
I'm wondering if these cosmos are ready to plant into their final spot in the ground, or should I pot them on for a bit longer first?

We're also away for five days from next Thursday, so I'm wondering if they'd be better in the ground while we're away if the weather is going to continue to be sunny than in small pots?

Thanks in advance!


  • hatty123hatty123 Posts: 125
    Mine went into the ground when a little smaller than that, couple of weeks ago. Most are doing fine but I have lost a couple to something snacking on them
  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    I would say it depends on your slug situ. Mine wouldn't last outside onenight at that size, if planted in the ground.
  • B3B3 Posts: 25,209
    They're probably better in the ground unless you can get someone to water them. Ideally, it would be safer if they were a bit bigger 
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  • MontysGalMontysGal Posts: 70
    Thank you all for your advice..... I’ll hold off for now as I’d hate to lose them. I could always stick them all in a crate and drop them to my in-laws to babysit them while we’re away! 😂
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