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Plant ID - on herb planter

johnkgrjohnkgr Posts: 2
Hi, total beginner in gardening so please be patient with me. I planted some basil and dill seeds in a planter with 4 separate compartments (Mint and oregano on the other two). Can you please tell me what are the other plants that are growing on my basil and dill planters and if I should remove them. Thank you for your help. 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,321
    The small plant in the top pic with furry leaves could be a forget-me-not seedling.
    I grow basil from seed and can't see anything that looks like basil in either pic, although the 4 small seedlings toward the top in the 2nd pic that are all the same are a possibility.
    Bottom pic lower left looks like a plantain (weed). The other 2 to the right of it also look like weeds

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  • johnkgrjohnkgr Posts: 2
    Thanks! :smile:
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