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Can I plant these outdoors...?

 I've had these indoors since they were given to me last year. I've since moved n they don't like the only wi dow that's suitable (due to radiators n small children). So can anyone give me tips to plant them outside in a pot with a sedum n hopefully more succulents as I love them..x I put some gravel in the soil when I.planted it up about a week ag


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    Unlike sedums, those are not hardy and should be kept indoors, although they will be fine outdoors in summer if they are protected from rain. The first is Haworthia, and the other two look like Echeverias. Treat them like cacti, except that Haworthias don't like a lot of direct sunlight.
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    I thought these were sempervivums and were better outdoors but with good drainage.
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    The Echevaria will be fine outdoors in a pot in full sun.  They are ok with rain, unless it goes on for weeks and the soil is consistently wet, in which case move them temporarily to somewhere more dry. 

    Ours are outside all Summer. They are easy to propagate.  Just look out for the baby offshoots that you will see.  Cut them off as near to the stalk as possible, leave for 48 hours to callous over, then plant in a gritty compost 

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    Ours go out all summer too and we keep them in the unheated greenhouse overwinter. Them been back outside for a few weeks now
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  • My opinion:
    You should plant outside. But I think if you plant this in corridor it will looks awesome!
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    I keep mine outside in the warm weather and they thrive. They don’t do well in cold/wet conditions , I bring them in and put them on the kitchen table in winter/cold .Just use your own judgment as to when it’s getting too cold .
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