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Where to find greenhouse window spares please

Hello all, I’m looking for the lower part of an aluminium window for a greenhouse. Or an upper part depending on your point of view. I’ve looked online at various spares sites but no joy so far. It might help if I knew what the bit was called! I’ve marked the bit I’m after in red in the photo. Has anyone bought greenhouse spares online? Or knows what I should be searching for? Thanks 😎


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    edited June 2021
    I believe the part you're looking for is called a 'vent slam bar'.
    PS: If you or someone you know is good at DIY, you could make one from 25x25x2mm aluminium angle, drilling 6mm holes in the correct place at each end, and use 'cropped head' aluminium bolts to fit it to the existing channel in the glazing bars at each side.
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  • Thanks Bob that’s brilliant, I’ll have a search and if I can’t find it I’ll get my other half to have a go at making one! 
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