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S/M trees for steep bank in city

Looking for tree recommendations please.

Behind our back fence we have a steep bank heading down to a busy, centre of town road. On the bank is mainly Hawthorn. On the bank behind our neighbours is a combination of Hawthorn and tall, mature trees.

We would like to keep as much of the Hawthorn as possible, but add a couple of trees that will provide some height. Not too much height though as the garden/bank is south facing and we don't want to create too much shade (years down the line!).

We'll be building a gabion wall on top of the bank to replace the old fence, so we're not worried about dealing with road noise. It's all about aesthetics and wildlife, with trees that can handle the steep slope and pollution.

I had decided on Rowans, but I've just spotted what I think is Fireblight on a new Pear tree (photo below). I've read that Hawthorns can carry Fireblight and that Rowans are at risk from it. So, any new ideas gratefully received!

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