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Where did I go wrong with Rudbeckia Purpurea Purple

historymanhistoryman Posts: 125
I would be interested to hear what I may have done wrong with growing Rudbeckia  Purpurea Purple from seed. ( first time)
They all germinated and grew very well, but after I pricked them out and potted them on individually they just bolted now up to 8 inches tall bare stem and leaves on top. Kept in greenhouse.
Will they make any kind of decent plant?


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,941
    Maybe you pricked them out too late, or maybe something about the green house conditions is making them stressed?  It's possible they are trying to send up flower buds as one last gasp of species survival.  

    Can you attach a picture or two of your plants?
    Utah, USA.
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