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Goldfinch 60Goldfinch 60 Posts: 133
Good evening.
 I recently bought a beautiful delphinium. Never had them before, do I deadhead them ? Thanks in advance 


  • Uncle MortUncle Mort Posts: 77
    If the delphinium is in the border and been in longer than a year I cut the main stem quite hard after the flowers have faded, I then give them a good feed and water them, all being well you will get a secod flush of flowers.

    If its only just been planted I would dead head it for this year to allow it to put its energy into establishing a good root system.

    If still in its pot do likewise and get it in ground that is prepared with plenty of organic matter, they love rich deep soil. I dug in a whole bag of rotted fym and based dressed with fish blood and bone to get them off to a flying start.

  • Goldfinch 60Goldfinch 60 Posts: 133
    Thank you so much, very informative.
  • selinasallyselinasally Posts: 166
    and protect from slugs
  • Goldfinch 60Goldfinch 60 Posts: 133
    Thank you 
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