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Patchy 3 1/2 week old turf

Hi all,

I hope i’m posting this in the correct place.

A few weeks ago I laid some turf in my back garden, it grew quite fast and was a nice dark green colour and was rather thick. I gave it its first cut 2 days ago with my grass cutter on the highest setting and made sure the blade wasnt blunt. Afterwards it looked alright, was a nice length and still had colour and I didnt really notice any issues. Today ive come home from work and noticed some patches straight away, unsure if ive just totally missed them on saturday but today they were really noticeable, in places the grass seems a bit thinned out which I guess seeding will solve but the patches have puzzled me. Could it be a lack of water as the rain has stopped and I toned it down to once every few days and the weather has been really hot and sunny? I will post a photo below but i think it looks worse in person than on the photo. Should I just throw some seed down and water each morning to fix the patches? Any help appreciated!

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