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Trough planters

AstraeusAstraeus SheffieldPosts: 313
We have two pyracantha that were intended to be planted against a boundary trellis fence. Unfortunately, having dug down we've hit solid clay so there's no prospect of establishing them in the ground. As such, I am looking at putting each of them in their own large (700x400x400mm) trough. I know the general consensus is that pyracantha need to be in the ground but we don't mind keeping them in check as they're only to cover 1.5x1.5m and, frankly, we don't have the option anymore of planting into the ground!

Does anyone have a recommendation please for a suitable trough? I don't want to make a mistake with one which isn't tough enough. Thanks.


  • TheVanguardTheVanguard Posts: 128
    I thought they did ok in clay..quick google and they appear in a list of top 10 plants to grow in clay soil.

    Maybe with a bigger hole and adding a bit of soil improvement they may be fine? 
  • AstraeusAstraeus SheffieldPosts: 313
    Thanks @TheVanguard. They do fine in clay. The problem is that I can't dig in to it. We had mattocks, picks and grafters on it but all we've got are tiny flakes off it. There is no way, without mechanical intervention, we're going to get a 300mm deep hole for planting into.
  • borismrdjaborismrdja Belgrade, Serbia (44°49′N 20°28′E)Posts: 35
    Mature roots probably can get into it
    Just build a raised bed (no bottom) and plant into it. After a season or two roots will find a way to burrow in clay
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