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Honey Bee

Good morning 
yesterday evening and this morning I noticed a couple of honey bees on a fir tree. I thought that maybe they were looking for water. I’ll post a photo, if you look carefully, one can be seen. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks 


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,370
    Well I can't see much but a couple of possibilities:
    Are there any aphids on the tree? Bees sometimes snack on the honeydew that aphids secrete as it's a nice source of sugar for them.
    Or it could be that they're not honey bees but a male solitary bee who has just found a nice spot to hang out and keep an eye out for passing females. They're not especially busy bees as they don't have any real work to do.
    If you're concerned that they don't have a ready source of water then you can set up a bee bath which is basically a bird bath but with lots of stones in there for the bees to land on. Put it somewhere sunny and if you'll take my advice use big flat stones as lots of smaller ones can make it harder to clean out.
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  • Goldfinch 60Goldfinch 60 Posts: 133
    Thanks for your info. There are 2 on it now. I will do as you suggest 
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