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Irrigation MDPE to LDPE issue

I am trying to connect water supplied by 25mm MDPE (Blue) pipe to 16mm OD LDPE irrigation pipe in order to spray irrigate a polytunnel.
For the life of me I cannot find the correct type of connector/reducer. I have looked on Youtube, asked peeps at the likes of Plumb City ("cant be done, mate" etc)
I am assuming that the MDPE 25mm will require a compression fitting and the LDPE 16mm end will need a 13.6mm Push fit (or compression fitting with insert?)
The tap end of the MDPE needs to be connected to a Claber timer which has a hose push fit outlet.
Any advice on connecting front-end MDPE to Claber and back-end to irrigation pipe greatly appreciated. I have no prior experience.


  • ErgatesErgates Posts: 2,070
    You might be better posting or searching on one of the DIY websites. For example,  Screwfix has a plumbing forum, might get an answer there.
  • I do this using a 25mm-to-tap connector (say a standpipe), and then from the tap you have a number of options (push-fit) for going to your 13mm LDPE. You'll have the benefit of putting a snap-on connector in there somewhere too so you can swap out a normal hose for regular watering.
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