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Two quick questions

The title says it all.

1 - Is it too late to do tomatoes from seed? So do I need to get plants in? I have been too busy to do tomatoes so far, but I have the tomato shelter and a grow bag ready.

Here in Notts the seasons are running about 3 weeks late.

2 - Is it now the time to net gooseberry bushes? I have got to grips with the soft fruit I inherited, and I have approximately 7 small gooseberry bushes which are now showing mini-berries, two redcurrants, and a blackcurrant.



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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,226
    I would say Yes to the first one. some garden centres will have some tomato plants left .   Yes, net the soft fruit now it has been pollinated, to keep the birds off.
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