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Rainbow Garden Design Thoughts?

Garden has been landscaped in order to create levels in the slope. For 2/3 of the slope I have started a cottage garden design with wildlife garden elements.

I'm struggling for the top part of the slope which is next to a 6ft stone wall. It's about 16m long and 4m wide. Two lots of steps lead up to it. One joins about 1/3 way along and the other steps are at the far end. I will incorporate hidden seating and a walk through.
Before it was a gravel heap, overtaken by ash saplings and strawberry plants and hopefully I've removed them all.

I'm considering an ornamental grass with purple flower design. Calming and classic.

However I'm toying with the idea of a rainbow theme. Segments in triangles or circles incorporating one colour theme in each, no crossover with the exception of the green. The path, seating and pond would separate them.

Red; green; yellow and orange; pink; purple and blue. Each would have a focal point shrub or tree with flowers or foliage in that colour, each would have tulips, heucheras, geum or geraniums. You get the idea.

My memory is terrible and even with the best intentions I never update my graph sheets. Hence why both would work.

Is there a reason why it hasn't been done? 
Too chaotic on the eye?
Classic or rainbow? 
Another idea entirely?

I'm open to suggestions.


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