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Assistance in identifying a weed

Hi - I just laid a new lawn this year (this is my first time doing so - the existing garden was a complete mess)

#1 Can someone please tell me what this weed might be - it can be found in patches in the garden

#2 The growth of the new lawn is good albeit there are some thinner patches, like in the above photos. If I just re-seed in these areas, will that also get rid of the weed - I want to avoid having to spray weed killer on massive patches of the lawn.


  • EmerionEmerion Posts: 576
    No doubt someone on here will know what they are, but they are a bit small to identify easily. If you don’t want to use weedkiller, you could wait and see if mowing regularly kills them. A lot of weeds can’t stand repeated cuts. Quite a few can of course, fingers crossed!
    Carmarthenshire (mild, wet, windy). Loam over shale, very slightly sloping, so free draining. Mildly acidic or neutral.

  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,299
    What was there before ? because it looks like mint to me
  • 'owt. :)

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