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Do strawberry plants like full sun or shade?

Serenity22Serenity22 South Yorkshire Posts: 35
Some people say that strawberries taste better when the plant is not on full sun. 


  • EmerionEmerion Carmarthenshire Posts: 420
    I have some outside in full sun, and some in the polytunnel. Most of them are in full sun in there, and the plastic excludes a little light. I have also grown them outside where they got some shade in the autumn through to spring, but no shade in high summer.  The ones inside do better in terms of quantity and size, no doubt because they are out of the biting west Wales weather, but I don’t think I’ve noticed a difference in flavour between the three situations. 
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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,064
    Fruit will generally taste better when warm rather than cold. It's why berries [and tomatoes] shouldn't be kept in the fridge   :)
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  • Serenity22Serenity22 South Yorkshire Posts: 35
    Thank you, fairygirl. I’m learning a lot from you today. I have posted some other question regarding blueberry tree, please heeelp! I’m desperate. I’ve tried everything from coffee to fertiliser and nothing happened. So please help me. 
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