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tattiannatattianna Posts: 182

I do apologise if this subject has been covered over and over but I've looked for an answer to my quandary without sucess and would appreciate any help.

After watching this weeks GW I thought I'd have a go collecting my own seed. I've never done this before so please bare with me...I understand the very basics of collecting seed, or I thought I did until I actually put it into practice. Now I'm not so sure... 

I collected Malva seed but only picked the heads that were a light brown colour and seemed dry & crisp (I left the green moist pods in situ) The seed came out of the pods very easily and I've put them on a sheet of paper to dry out. 

I also collected Nigella seeds. On the whole plant there were only a few pale coloured, dry pods so I only took these. Some of the seeds are quite plump, green with black tips and these didn't come out of the pod so easily. Other seeds are significantly smaller, much dryer and are black. These came out of the pod very easily. 

Is what I've done right so far? As for the Nigella seed, which have most chance of being viable the small black ones or the plump green ones? Perhaps neither??????


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,671

    For nigella it's the shiny black ones. The  others aren't ripe yet.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,154

    nigella seeds are black when ripe and the pod is brown. Don't rush, let them ripen and dry off, tie a paper bag round the heads if you think you'll lose them but you won't lose them. just keep an eye on them. when they're ready they shake or drop out without assistance

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