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Tree/Shrub/plant recommendations for deep border.

Hi everyone,

Well after a long hard few days digging I've finally managed to dig the central border area in our garden. See the photos and sketches below.

We're after recommendations for plants in this area. The garden faces directly south and so the fence you see is north facing. I have a Sango Kaku Acer which I'd like to plant in there towards the back left and also another Acer - 'Garnet' which I'd like in there somewhere too. Other than that I'm open to suggestions to plants that will give some form in terms of height and depth and also some contrasts in colour.

I like the idea of a woodland feel to it, particularly at the back and maybe shrubs in the centre and front etc. I also like the idea of being able to go from the patio area on the left to the grass area using stepping stones across the border - a secret route!


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