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My 'milk carton remedy' to support young floppy plants.

young codgeryoung codger Posts: 543
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Remove the plastic top & neck from the carton.

Cut  the milk carton at about 95mm from the top, and discard the bottom half. 

Make a small hole at the two back corners to fit the thin wooden  plant sticks through. 

Gently put the carton around the base of the plant. When in the correct position, push each of the two sticks down in to the soil to anchor down. 

Once the sticks are pushed in to the soil, the carton and  the sticks  prevent each other moving  about.

Below is the type of sticks I use. £1 for 100 sticks from 'One below store'.


  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 4,509
    Genius idea !!
  • young codgeryoung codger Posts: 543
    Thank you for your appreciation 🌱😉
  • djwgatedjwgate Posts: 7
    That is a very  good idea, I soppose any small box could be used, I will try that, thanks.
  • young codgeryoung codger Posts: 543

    It does not have to be a milk carton, but they seem to have a type of aluminium coating on the inside.

     This will make them last longer than ordinary cardboard while out in the weather. I think juice cartons are the same material. The milk cartons being square at the bottom are a compact shape to fit on the middle of the plant pot. Some juice cartons are the same shape, but not the  Del Monty ones for example.

    Thank you for your interest.

  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 4,509
    Good point! That coating will make it more durable in wet weather.  Uncoated would lose its rigidity once wet.  My seedlings often get leggy as I'm always too keen to get started and fill the windowsills of the house with seed trays. Then I find the seedlings have been reaching for the light.  I repot them deeply but it takes a little will for them to become sturdy. 
  • young codgeryoung codger Posts: 543
    Sowing seeds too early has a tendency to make them bolt and become leggy. It can be very tempting after waiting around all winter.

    If I notice any of mine are heading that way, I try to hold them back. I move them in to the kitchen where the temp is much lower and not as much sun. 

  • djwgatedjwgate Posts: 7
    Wish i had thought of that, all my seeds bolted. I have planted some of them out, i know its a bit early but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Oh and my milk comes in glass bottles.
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