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  • WildlifeloverWildlifelover Posts: 380
    Depends if the sun ever returns 😁
    Only joking, I’m sure it will.

    So long as your thyme is in free draining soil with some grit, in full sun, it should flower. Some of mine have buds just beginning to open now. Depends a bit on the variety.

    Ditto to sage - it doesn’t like sitting in wet, badly draining soil and like a lot of sun and warmth.

    Chives don’t mind it cooler and damper, even very damp and can happily live at the edge of a pond, almost bog-like.
    Mine are all in bud and quite behind this year (normally by now the flowers would all be open).
    If your clump is very young/small, you may not get many flower stalks forming, but I seem to recall mine flowering from year 1.

    Great, thanks. To aid drainage, is perlite/hort grit or sharp sand best? Do I just fork it into the whole bed or just where the plants are going to be sited? 
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