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Aquilegia seeds from GW June 2020

spookessspookess Posts: 63
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So, my Aquilegia has just started flowering. I was expecting to see the Lime Sorbet variety as per the seed packet that came with the magazine....... but I think there may have been a mix up as they are all purple! 😆 Luckily, my colour scheme this year is purple so it works. 
Did anyone else get a different variety, or is mine just trying to fit in with the rest of my flowers 🤣


  • @spookess  I had those!  nowhere near flowering yet though! ill report back on the colour.   I'll be gutted if they aren't true to colour though
  • spookessspookess Posts: 63
    I sowed them when I received them on the magazine, they looked like they weren't doing anything other than a few leaves months later (I didn't read the part about them flowering the following years! Oops!). So I emptied the pot into the garden waste bin. Luckily my partner spotted them and decided the leaves looked nice at least so planted them in our rockery (which is under a tree!). They have grown really well, have loads of buds and about 5 or 6 flowers have opened today 😲. 
  • spookessspookess Posts: 63
    So, here they are. All from the same seed packet that came with the magazine. Some purple, some white and some with both colours on the same stem! 
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