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Snowdrop seed heads

im feeling lucky. My neighbour had the most lovely large snowdrops. Biggest I’ve ever seen and very prolific. When in flower I exclaimed how wonderful they were. Yesterday I was given some of the seed heads. The note is to show the size.  How shall I treat them please. 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    Wow, they are pretty large seed heads compared to the standard issue!
    Wait until the pods are ripe, at which point they will open and the seeds will drop out (so put in a paper bag until then.)  Sow the seeds on the surface of a pot, sprinkle a few mm of compost over to cover the seeds, then put 1.5cm of grit on top.  Water and put the pot somewhere sheltered outside (eg cold frame, by side of house wall) and don't let it dry out at any point (but only water it once a fortnight as most.)  The seeds will be triggered into germination by the cold of winter, and grass-like shoots should emerge in spring.  Now you need real patience as they need to be left in that same pot for about 3 years, not forgetting to give them a liquid feed every couple of weeks while in growth.  At that point, you can separate them and plant out.
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  • @BobTheGardener, many thanks Bob. The snowdrops were the largest I’ve ever seen and I asked the name, but our neighbour had no idea as they were given to him and he brought them when he moved. Valerie 
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