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Amaranthus 'Velvet Curtain'

I'm growing Amaranthus 'Velvet Curtain' from seed. They now have two true leaves and around 5cm tall. I'm growing these primarily for ornamental value, not for eating.

Should I transplant them now, considering the very windy and rainy weather in London?

Also, it states on the seed packet that they need to be grown in full sun. I was planning on planting them near an east-facing wall, in part-shade. Does anyone have experience growing this plant in part-shade?



  • didywdidyw Posts: 3,519
    I'm growing a couple of varieties of amaranthus - Amaranthus caudatus and Amaranthus Autumn Palette.  The purple one will be going in a sunny bed (not full sun) but the Autumn Palette is destined for a west facing bed by the house so shade for half the day.  In fact - I've already put three of the seedlings in there as they are sheltered by other plants and they appear to be doing well. I want them robust enough to shoulder their way through other things. I have some on my front doorstep (south west facing) waiting to be planted out and the caudatus are still in the zip up greenhouse (s facing) which I'm keeping open all the time now. They will be planted out as soon as all this ridiculous weather stops and we have May back.  My seedlings have about 3 sets of true leaves but are not particularly tall yet.
    I haven't grown amaranthus before as I always hated the red ones you see in parks. But the colours of these (and yours) are lovely.  So good luck to both of us!
    Gardening in East Suffolk on dry sandy soil.
  • Thanks and good luck to you too!
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