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Spotted peony leaves - fungal infection?

Hi, 1 of my peony shoot is having red spots. They had it last year and ended up wilted. In earlier month I have been conscious spraying the peonies with neem oil. Is this the sign of a fungal infection coming back? Should I remove this shoot? 
On a side note, my 2 peony buds are very small - no bigger than a corn. Are they doomed or is it normal? 

Thanks! It’s my second year growing them so really hoping to see flowers this time .


  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,601
    I think the peony is showing stress and for several reasons. First, you can of course grow them on in pots but they need much larger containers than yours have and would do better in the ground. If they wilted it is likely they were short of water and too hot and this would weaken them for this year, so poor flowering and growth. You have not included any details of your growing medium or the position of the pots or feeding but peonies are normally strong growers. Finally, it usually takes 2 - 3 years for a young plant to start flowering in its new position. 
    I don't think you need sprays and cutting back at all, just plant them in good soil and give them a chance to recover.
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