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Think I have killed my Yucca

Hey, I am new to gardening (so please be kind) and I recently started to renovate my garden to a low maintenance garden.
I was told Yucca plants are pretty hardy and I liked the look of having one in my border.

So I purchased one a few weeks ago and it has been sat outside in it's pot waiting for nicer weather so I can plant it... but this happened... The leaves have gone all yellow and brown and started to droop... I have now moved it indoors to hopefully rescue it....

Does anyone on here have any ideas on how to save it???

I literally searched everywhere on google and it was no help at all!!!!



  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,703
    Did you buy it as an indoor/house plant? If it's been grown in a glasshouse with protection, putting it straight outside will have been a shock to the poor thing, it wasn't used to outside temperatures. The leaves that are brown won't go back to green, but the new growth should be OK if you can give it conditions that it likes. You might as well cut off (back to the stem) any leaves that are completely brown, but ones that still have some green will carry on photosynthesising and feeding the plant, so keep those until it's made some healthy new leaves from the top.
    When the weather gets a bit warmer you can start putting it outside in the daytime and bring it back in at nights until it's acclimatised to outdoor conditions, then you can plant it in its final position. It will like well-drained soil in a sheltered sunny spot, and even so I think you can expect it to lose lower leaves from time to time and to look a bit ropy after a cold winter. Hardy means it will stay alive, not that it'll stay looking perfect all year round, sadly.

  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,703
    PS Welcome to the forum :)
  • JennyJ said:
    PS Welcome to the forum :)
    Thank you Jenny... That was so helpful!! I brought it from a garden center who had it outside, so thought it would be ok but that is not to say they didn't cover them up or move them indoors when the weather wasn't too great!
    I have moved it inside now and will remove all the brown leaves... Hopefully it will pick up and grow a few new ones!! The centre part looks all green so fingers cross!!!
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