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Micro pond and Jack Russell?

I am looking at putting a micro pond or two in the garden to attract birds and insects.  However - we have a JRT and toads are poisonous to dogs (she was poisoned once in the past leading to lengthy and expensive vet treatment).  Is there any way to deter the toads, or is it just not a good idea under the circumstances?


  • GreenbirdGreenbird Posts: 237
    Your Jack Russell eats them? 

    I don't know of any method of deterring toads. Remember that they only breed in water, they spend the rest of the time in woodland/vegetation - so they're probably already in your garden with or without a pond. 

    To stop them breeding, you could have a raised patio pond. Flying insects and birds can still get in e.g. (not my pond)...

  • Thank you - good idea.  She doesn't eat the toads but she will lick them!
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